Thoughts on Unholy Bonds: A response to one reader’s passing comment…

unholybonds333x5002ndversionFirst, I want to reiterate my gratitude to the many people who’ve chosen to spend a few dollars and a few hours reading my books. Thank you! By reading what I have written, you bring the book to life, completing it in a way that the author never can. What a rich blessing, hopefully for both author and reader!

A friend made a comment in passing the other day when telling me she had finished Hijacked. “I love Lannis, and I want to read Unholy Bonds, but I don’t want to see her get hurt anymore.”

May I reassure you?

Lannis and Ben earned their happy ending in Hijacked. When I finished writing that book, I wondered what to write next. It was my first novel, and like many authors, I wasn’t at all sure I had another novel in me. About three weeks into the “what do I write next” phase (and when I was beginning to sweat, because I had no ideas!), the answer blazed its way into my mind.

Lannis had more work to do. So did Ben. Like all couples, they needed to adjust to married life, but had the added complication of her past with which to contend. And they both had unresolved issues, areas where personal growth was critical to their future success, both as individuals and as a couple. I wanted them to have the opportunity to do this important work.

And then there was Robert Davis.

How was I going to address the perpetrator of an all-to-common crime that damages countless women? His choice and resultant action ended up binding the three in invisible chains. Hence the title, Unholy Bonds. That became my focus as I wrote.

Because I have been long fascinated with stories of reconciliation and the movement called Restorative Justice, I wondered if this could be a direction for the book. Again, I had no idea if I could pull it off. Just the structure of such a novel was pushing the envelope of my skills.

The story quickly became more important than my limitations, so I persevered.

Back to my reassurance: Lannis struggles in this book. I won’t lie. No one grows without it. Sometimes it’s hard, and she suffers. But she doesn’t get hurt, and the result is worth it.

You have my  word.

So if you’ve hesitated to read Unholy Bonds because you’re worried about Lannis, take heart. Give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Second Watch, by J.A. Jance

jajanceI picked up a copy of J.A. Jance’s book, Second Watch, the other day – and knew I was in for a good read. She’s dependable that way! But I had no idea how the story would impact me emotionally.

Woven into the (excellent, as usual) mystery was Viet Nam.

I was a little too young to be fully impacted, but as so many of that era, the conflict – both overseas and at home – left an indelible scar.

Second Watch resurrected my memories, which are nowhere near as traumatic as those many bear. Yet, I wept. For those lost, for those who do bear the harsh memories, and for those who still have unfinished business.

I didn’t realize how deep the unfinished business was for me. It’s “in” to blog/tweet/facebook, etc., about the rawness of such, but I won’t do that. Suffice it to say, it’s raw.

I will say, though, read this book if you lived through the Viet Nam era. Read this book if you have lived through the Iraq and Afghanistan era. Read this book if you have been touched by war, even if you’ve never been to war.

Second Watch brought me face to face with one of the few regrets I have about my life; thanks to Jance’s writing I will seek healing around that issue.

Thank you, J.A. Jance, for the work of your heart, and thank you, Bonnie Abney, for your selflessness in sharing the story of Leonard Douglas Davis, one man lost in Viet Nam.


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Unholy Bonds, on sale this week!

unholybonds333x5002ndversionIf you haven’t bought Unholy Bonds, a novel of suspense and healing, it is on sale this week! I invite you to pick up the Kindle version at a deeply discounted price!

99¢ through Friday! The price steps up to $1.99 Saturday and $2.99 Sunday, and returns to normal pricing next Monday, September 1. Click on the cover to the right for a link to Amazon for more information and/or to purchase.

Unholy Bonds – when justice serves but fails to heal.

What Amazon reviewers are saying:

*PERFECT for your book club! – Angie Ballard

*Author is a master of suspense and compassion. – Barbara Szyszkewicz

*The author creates a chilling villain, but this book is an excellent illustration that each person always has the choice to change. – Ellen Gable Hrkach

*An outstanding story of redemption that might have gone preachy and shallow but never does. – Michelle Jones

*A beautiful story of healing and love. – Sandy Lee

Thank you, readers, who have generously shared your enthusiasm for the continuation of Ben and Lannis’s story in Unholy Bonds. I truly appreciate your kindness!

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Home from San Antonio!

alamo croppedLast week, I attended Romance Writers of America’s® national conference in San Antonio, Texas. I’d never been there, and really enjoyed getting to know the Riverwalk area. Beautiful, inspiring, and great fun to explore! As you can tell by the photo I chose to highlight, I had the opportunity to visit The Alamo. In fact, we could see it from our hotel room, but didn’t figure that out for a couple of days!

It was wonderful to see friends from around the world: Chris Taylor and Narelle Atkins from Australia, Angie Breidenbach from Montana, my Golden Heart friends from last year, and even members of my own Louisville chapter who don’t get to make it to many meetings! I can’t list the countless others…

The workshops inspired me to work on getting my books out in audio format, which I had planned to do; the presentations made it easier to understand and access. Large print editions are on the list, too.

Next up for me? I’m working on a Christmas novella: Maggie (from all three Appalachian Foothills books) has a sister, and she’s like a bad penny, turning up when you least expect…

Thank you, readers, for buying, borrowing, or taking advantage of the free promo on my books! I truly appreciate it, and hope you enjoy reading them! 

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Hijacked – Free through July 31

hijacked333x500Hijacked, Book 1 of The Appalachian Foothills series, is FREE through July 31. This is a limited time promotion, and a great opportunity to pick it up if you haven’t already!

If you have, consider Unholy Bonds, its sequel, and/or Opal’s Jubilee, a related story and Book 3 in The Appalachian Foothills series. Click on the book covers to the right for links to Amazon. Read excerpts and descriptions of each book here on my blog or on the product pages on Amazon.

Hijacked – Secrets, Suspense, and Healing

Unholy Bonds – When Justice Serves but Fails to Heal

Opal’s Jubilee – Where Truth is as Elusive as Mountain Mists

As always, thank you for your interest and support!

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Opal’s Jubilee, A Novel of Suspense and Healing – Now Available!

opalsjubilee333x500Opal’s Jubilee, Book 2 of The Appalachian Foothills series, is now available on Amazon! Click here to purchase in either Kindle or print format. Here’s the back cover copy:

Fresh out of prison after twelve years, Opal McBride must find a job in order to meet parole requirements. Failure means she’ll serve out the remainder of her sentence behind bars. The system has seen fit to drop her in Louisville, Kentucky, a far cry from her hometown of Jubilee in the Appalachian hollows. Scrambling to adapt, Opal finds more than a potential job in May Boone’s quilt shop; she finds acceptance and perhaps even friendship.

That is, until May’s son recognizes her. A detective, Josh Boone is not about to let a felon work for his soft-hearted mother. Though Opal’s crime was against a sheriff’s deputy, his innate sense of decency prods him to break ranks and defend her from the disdain of his fellow officers. Then he finds she may have light to shed on a cold case—and discovers there is more to Opal’s story than it seems.

Josh risks his professional reputation (and his heart) as he digs into Opal’s past. When secrets are exposed, will justice prevail? Will Opal and Josh find redemption—and maybe even love—where they least expect it?

Thank you, readers, for your support and enthusiasm! I hope you enjoy getting to know Opal and Josh!

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Unholy Bonds, a Novel of Suspense and Healing – Now Available!

unholybonds333x5002ndversionUnholy Bonds, a novel of suspense and healing, and Book 2 of the Appalachian Foothills series, is now available! Click here to purchase in either Kindle or print format on Amazon.

I’m excited to announce that Lannis and Ben’s story continues, intersecting with Robert Davis’s. Here’s the blurb:

Pilot Lannis Parker has triumphed over her past—or so she thinks. She faces her rapist, then dredges up the courage to bring him to trial, and is relieved to see Robert Davis imprisoned.

But the closure she’d sought is elusive. Resurrected memories invade her life and threaten to splinter her relationship with those she loves most, including Ben, her new husband. Lannis discovers she’s as much a prisoner as Davis, shackled by fear and inextricably bound to him through his crime. Frustrated at her descent into the past, Ben tries to understand, but fails.

Cracks appear in their fledgling marriage, and Lannis becomes desperate to repair the underlying cause. She gradually realizes that healing will come only when she acknowledges Davis’s humanity—not a popular notion, but one she increasingly understands as essential. In a bold move, Lannis meets with Davis in prison—and challenges him to recognize her humanity.

Will Lannis’s gamble free her from that unholy bond and open a path to peace? Can she save her marriage? Or will she lose everything in the process?

Thank you, readers, for your interest and support!


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5 Star Reviews for HIJACKED!

hijacked333x500I am incredibly humbled and (so very) pleased at the reception Hijacked has received since it launched last week! Here are some snippets of reviews and other comments:

“From the very first chapter, I was hooked on Hijacked! Throughout, the characters Lannis and Ben are complex: endearing yet never saccharine. The plot veers from heart-pounding action into tender introspection without missing a beat.” -Erin McCole Cupp

“Hijacked is superbly written, and the story deals with issues that are relevant to many women today, unfortunately. If you like a clean, beautiful and inspiring book, then you’ll love this one.” -Sandy Lee

“…this is one of those few books I think any reader would enjoy no matter what’s going on in their own life. It’s got page-turning suspense, plenty of romance without being sappy or vulgar, and just enough inspiration to make it an uplifting read without being ‘preachy.’ I loved that the characters were just ordinary people put into extraordinary circumstances.” -Angie Ballard

“This suspense novel written for a female audience moved me to tears at one point, and kept me reading far more than I really had time to do. Lannis is a strong main character, even as she deals with struggles against physical, psychological and spiritual odds. You’ll find yourself rooting for her. Highly recommended.” -Barabara Szyszkewicz

“The characters, especially Lannis and Ben, are well-developed, believable and likeable. Hijacked is an exciting, edge of seat romantic suspense novel that also covers some difficult topics with sensitivity. An ideal beach read.” -Ellen Gable Hrkach

Thank you, readers, for completing the work I began by writing this book.

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Happy birthday, HIJACKED!’s here! HIJACKED is now available through in print and/or ebook formats! If you choose to purchase, THANK YOU! Happy reading. (And if you enjoy it, which I hope you do, please consider taking a few minutes to leave a review when you’re finished.)

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Dedication Page of HIJACKED

hijacked333x500Since I shared the Acknowledgment page of Hijacked yesterday on my blog, I thought I’d share its Dedication. (The book will be available soon (!) on Amazon.) Here it is:


To all persons who grapple with the aftereffects of violence:

There is hope.

May you find healing and peace.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go toward the funding of Post Traumatic Stress research and treatment.


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